What Does Your Morning Look Like?

Are you the kind of person that continually asks themselves, “How do I start the day right?” Well, maybe I should ask…what do you look like in the morning? Which picture represents you?

Is this you?
Or is this you?

Feeling overwhelmed before you start your day makes it very difficult to get out of bed. For most people, their mind kicks into gear thinking about what needs to be accomplished for the day, issues at work or with the family, decisions to be made, and if there’s aches and pains in the morning, that’s the clincher.

Unfortunately, mornings like these are no longer just Monday mornings. Waking overwhelmed has turned into a daily ritual.

Change your “Oh No” morning to “Oh Yesss!”

Here’s five suggestions to wake up feeling ready to face your day:

1) List Three Priorities

On a piece of paper, not in your head, that you want to accomplish for the following day. These priorities need to be something you can actually finish in the day and not drag out for months. i.e.:  write a blog vs a website.  

2) Use Visualization

When you go to bed, visualize yourself completing the tasks you wrote for the following morning. Visualize completing them calmly and efficiently. The more detail you use, the better the visualization. This gives you the mental strength in the morning to go about your day feeling prepared. Of course, we all experience distractions in our day, but using visualization helps you to stay focused, confident, and in control of your decisions.

3) Give Yourself Enough Time

How many times do you hit the snooze button to avoid facing your day? When you are in control of your day, getting up isn’t such a drudgery, providing that you get enough sleep, but that’s a different topic. Planning your morning ritual helps you to plan your day.

4) Pep Talk

Be your own cheerleader.  As you wait for your coffee or tea to brew, empower yourself with positive self talk and keep repeating.   “I am focused and ready to start my day.”

5) Start The Day With Something You Enjoy

It can be as simple as your morning beverage, sitting quite, reading, or stretching.  I realize this may require you to get up a little earlier, but it is worth it. Giving yourself something to look forward to before you start your day helps you to handle your day with a positive mindset.

Here’s A Mock Example Of How This Works:

Night Time: Write three priorities to accomplish for the next day

Bed Time: Visualize accomplishing the priorities calmly and efficiently.  Remember, use details for your visualization.  Set your alarm a little  earlier.

Morning: Don’t hit the snooze button and plan enough time for your morning ritual

Pep Talk: Create positive affirmations to say during your morning routine

Something Enjoyable: Sitting with beverage quietly for 15-20 minutes.

Result: Feeling calmer, focused, positive and ready to seize the day!

Do You Feel The Flow?

Isn’t this better than racing around splashing your beverage around while you race to get ready? No need to put your make up on in the car. Relax! You did it already!

I know you already get up early and don’t want to get up any earlier. I understand, but…

Let’s make this work! Start by accomplishing this routine one day a week until you feel ready to add another day. Start on a weekend if that makes it easier. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do this everyday. Ease into it.  

“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”

- Confucius

This is not an impossible plan. Successful people become successful because they are willing to make the changes needed to create positive habits.  They value themselves enough to create the future they deserve!

Are you ready to take control of your future?

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