Sound Therapy Part 1| Healing with Sound

You may have noticed people's beautiful bowls on Instagram that create soothing melodies. This isn't a trend but a thousand-year-old cultural tool for healing. Many cultures from India to South America have used sound to support balance. Healing with sound therapy uses various devices, including voice, drumming, tuning forks, and crystal sound bowls. 

How does sound healing work?

Based on the concept that everything is energy and perpetually in vibration, the sound results from this movement. Sound is measured as waves in hertz or Hz.  Hertz is the frequency that sound travels, ranging from low frequency to high-frequency vibrations. Our bodies have frequencies too! When our frequencies feel balanced, our body's resonant frequency becomes restored. Some of these frequencies can shift our brain wave activity, for example:

  • Ordinary beta state – normal waking consciousness
  • Alpha state – relaxed consciousness
  • Theta state - meditative
  • Delta state – sleep and internal healing

Healing with sound works by helping our body return to its resonant frequency with therapeutic properties.   In traditional Chinese medicine, our life energy or Qi flows through our meridian pathways.  Stress and trauma are contributing factors to the Qi becoming blocked along the meridian. Sound therapy can help move and circulate this energy to balance our body, mind, and spirit. 

In addition, sound can shift the molecules or vibrations in our bodies, releasing nitric oxide and oxytocin. 

  • Nitric oxide helps our cells communicate with one another
  • Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and a hormone involving the brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland. 

Sound therapy is beneficial for the following

  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain management
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

What are some of the tools used in sound therapy? 

Your sound therapy may include one of the following sound healing tools:

Tuning forks 

Traditionally used for centuries as a healing method, tuning forks are calibrated to frequencies within the Pythagorean scale of planetary frequencies. Tuning forks work at an intracellular level. Tuning forks can be weighted with circular discs, and this helps to work with acupuncture meridian lines, acupoints, or chakras. They are perfect for a cellular massage and can also help reduce pain. The weighted forks go on the body or can be heard when placed near the ears.  The weighted forks create the vibration that the patient feels.  Unweighted forks are for working in the etheric field and creating a soundscape.  No vibration is felt on the body.

Quartz Crystal Bowls

These are sound bowls or singing bowls made of 70% crystalline fluid, allowing the vibration of sound to move the molecules in our bodies. Quartz crystal bowls work off the concept that we are crystalline structures and work with our brainwave frequencies. Often these bowls are used in meditation practices. Studies show that singing bowls can relieve tension and anxiety and boost mood. 


Drumming as sound healing is an ancient practice used for storytelling with movement, spiritual ceremony, and healing properties. Drumming helps cultivate creative expression, while the sound healing it provides helps with physical and mental health. 

Want to learn more about this ancient form of healing?

Classes and workshops can help you learn how to use these tools for sound healing. You can also become certified in this traditional practice to help you and others balance your Qi. 

Here at Inner Strength with Donna, some classes include tuning fork therapy and workshops with crystal bowls and guided imagery. Learn more about these classes and additional private workshops here.

Stay tuned for Sound Therapy Part 2 | Tuning Forks

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