So, What Is EFT?

No, I’m not writing about tap dancing. I’m referring to the increasingly popular modality of energy therapy called emotional freedom technique, otherwise known as EFT or tapping. So, but what is EFT?

As legitimized by Gary Craig, the founder of emotional freedom technique, Jack Canfield, Nick Ortner, and multiple other subsequent teachers, EFT has been getting quite a bit of exposure lately as you may have noticed. One of the many news outlets bringing light to tapping is NBC, which was covered by Megyn Kelly on her new time slot on The Today Show. As said by Megyn, “It [emotional freedom technique] is sweeping the nation as one of the best  low risk and low cost forms of treatment for chronic pain and anxiety…”  I am happy to add that this past November, I too was featured in a segment on News 12, Long Island Naturally, with Mary Mucci, concerning the many benefits of EFT, how it can aid those in search for weight loss, and negate the symptoms of back pain.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time discussing the many benefits of EFT with Mary and sharing my insight with my Long Island neighbors. If you missed the airing of the segment or would like to revisit it, no worries at all, check out my interview with News 12 today!

EFT/Tapping is a very simple procedure that does not require a great amount of time, however, for best results, it does require commitment and consistency.

Tapping is very beneficial for overcoming fears, negative thoughts, and toxic habits.

If I was to ask what aspect of your life needs the most attention, the answer could be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Oftentimes they are linked, so it may be more than one aspect that needs attention. The theory behind emotional freedom technique and tapping is that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, the underlying factor is unresolved emotional issues. It is a well known fact that stress can hinder the body’s natural abilities to heal any chronic pain or health condition. And in addition to resolving stress, EFT is also very beneficial for overcoming fears, negative thoughts, and toxic habits.

What a relief to know that you can actually rid yourself of pain by getting in touch with deeply stored emotions! The more you acknowledge and tap into these emotions, the more peace of mind you will have as you experience the healing benefits.

What makes tapping so effective?

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), tapping is a sister therapy to acupuncture…without the needles. The tapping points are at the beginning and endings of acupuncture pathways or energy channels within the body.  

It is as simple as tapping with the tips of the fingers to stimulate the points, which then in turn help to balance any disturbances within the body. It is very easy to learn and provides profound results!

EFT and Life Coaching

Together, tapping and life coaching work to enhance your outcome. With the proper questioning of the coach, some thought or written exercises between sessions, and the accountability of having someone to work with, the client achieves quicker results.

Working with a coach is most beneficial to help the client understand the mechanism and importance of what they are doing. In addition, positive affirmations need to be recited correctly. In my experience, too often clients are not comfortable saying positive affirmations. Believe it or not, they aren’t used to being positive or even speaking nice to themselves. This is all part of the change in both mental and emotional routine.

As a life and mindset coach, it is my responsibility not to provide the answers for the clients, but to assist them in finding the answers within themselves. This allows them to become more acute in listening to their intuition, becoming sensitive to what they are feeling, and where in their body they feel these emotions.

It is quite an incredible process to watch the growth of an individual taking control of their life as they become more intuned  and empowered with themselves.

Are you ready to make a change and be the master of your life?

Offering EFT and life coaching services on Long Island, I am always sure to make myself available, whether for onsite or online appointments, to those looking to enhance their lifestyle through the wonders of tapping and emotional freedom techniques.

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