Sound Therapy Part 3 | Crystal Bowls

Around since ancient times, singing bowls have been used in spiritual and meditative practices.  Singing bowls produce an array of sounds and tones.  There are different types of sound bowls including Tibetan singing bowls and quartz crystal bowls.  They are a part of sound healing therapy and work with the molecules in our body through vibrations.  

How does sound healing with crystal bowls work?

Did you know that our cellular structure is 70% crystalline fluid and our organs are covered in collagenous molecules that function like a system of liquid crystals?  It is true, plus other tissues in our body including the DNA in our genes, collagen molecules, and the myelin sheath of nerve cells also have this ordered arrangement of molecules.  Acting as semi-conductors in the body, these crystals can send information and energy to every part of our body.  

Sound vibrations created by singing bowls have the ability to shift our energy, clear any blockages, balance our body and mind, as well as clear our mind.  The meditative and realization properties of singing bowls work with our parasympathetic response that can calm our mind and body.  These vibrations stimulate our alpha and theta brain waves, which help our body go into a deep meditative state encouraging healing and peacefulness.  Alpha waves (8-13 Hz) are usually associated with daydreaming or meditation, whereas Theta waves (4-7 Hz) create a state of deep meditation and sleep.

Benefits of sound therapy with singing bowls

  • Stimulate calm brain waves
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Pain reduction
  • Reduces tension
  • Anxiety relief

Types sound bowls

Quartz crystal bowls

These are sound bowls or singing bowls made of 70% crystalline fluid, allowing the vibration of sound to move the molecules in our bodies. Quartz crystal bowls work off the concept that we are crystalline structures and work with our brainwave frequencies. 

Quartz crystal bowls are made of pure quartz or 99.8% silicon quartz in addition to a minute amount of sand.  Our body is naturally attracted to quartz because our cells contain silica.  Crystal carries pure tones and magnifies them, the tone resonating with our body’s cells, energy, or chakra.  

 Tibetan singing bowls

Tibetan singing bowls, also known as Himalayan singing bowls, are a type of inverted bell that makes a deep, rich tone when they vibrate.  It is believed that the singing bowl or standing bell originated in China in the ancient time of Buddhism,  in the Shang dynasty, and with a Tibetan formula of copper, zinc, iron, gold, and silver.  Used in a variety of ways, these bowls have been used for religious and spiritual purposes, healing, and music.  

Want to learn more about healing with crystal bowls?


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Stay tuned for Sound Therapy Part 4 | Guided Imagery

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